Science Home Learning

Science Home Learning

Every week, students are set a home-learning task. The teacher will pick which home-learning task the students will need to do, set to the students via show my homework. Students need to complete the challenge task for each set task. If they find this too challenging, they can complete the regular task with a parental note. If the students wish to plan ahead with their studies, they can complete tasks in advance. Note: Not all of the tasks will be set by the teacher.

Science Check Lists

Science checklists are a great way to help with learning and for revision. For each topic the checklist states what the students will be learning. This is an excellent way to read up on what they will be taught in future lessons and to revise over what exactly they need to know.

Science Questions Sheets

To help out with revision, we are providing question sheets. These have questions covering the main criteria over the topics in the next year. They can be used individually by questioning yourself and covering up the answer, or by asking a friend or family member to test you. To really make sure these are effective; repeat, repeat, repeat!

Year 8 KS3 Science Year Booklet


Remember … each term the Science Department is looking for a SUPER  SCIENTIST. Could it be you?


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