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Year 10 WWI Battlefields trip – some reminders! 

Final checks are in place and we are looking forward to going on this special trip.  Please be reminded that…
  • students need to be at school by 5am on Sunday 22nd September (please do not park in the bus bay).
  • coach lists are displayed in the History department should anyone wish to double check which coach they are on.
  • the first meal provided is the evening meal on Sunday.  A packed lunch (or money to buy food at the services or on the ferry) will be needed for the journey.
  • students will need a re-usable water bottle.  The accomodation will not provide water bottles for lunches, but students will have access to drinking water to fill their own bottles each day.
  • students need to pack essentials for the first day in a separate bag.
  • students will need to pack their own towels.
If you have any questions then please contact Mrs Gough in the History department.  See you bright and early on Sunday!


Miss Bates’ Big Idea: 

Blake presents London as a cruel and sinister setting in the 18th century, riddled with misery and pollution as a result of the Industrial Revolution.

He describes the residents of London as being trapped; prisoners of their own misery and poverty, unable to escape from a life of deprivation and oppression. His use of the phrase ‘mind forged manacles’ conveys a sense of entrapment and slavery.

Here, Blake criticises the institutions which were designed to care for the poor, such as the church, the monarchy, and the government. He describes the church as ‘blackening’ and states that it ‘appals’ him, thus demonstrating his disgust for the corrupt institutions at the time.

Blake acts as an advocate for the poor and helpless in this poem, highlighting issues of exploitation and oppression in a time of seemingly monumental growth and prosperity.

Key Questions:
  1. What would life have been like for the poor in Victorian Britain/London? [History]
  2. Do we still witness oppression and deprivation in our society today? [Politics, Sociology, Psychology, Health and Social Care]
  3. Did Blake’s artwork have dark undertones or political messages like his poetry? [Art, Photography]
  4. thumbnail_london

Year 10 WWI Battlefields Trip

Please be aware that all passports and EHICs should be given in ASAP (important reminder – any students with a Passport / EHIC will not be able to travel).  These can be handed to your child’s History teacher who will ensure these are stored securely.  Final meetings will be held for students in the coming days (to sort room allocations and for final time details) – students will be told in school when / where these will be.

Thank you for your support in organising this trip – if you have any questions please feel free to contact Mrs Gough at the school.