Year 11 FAQ’s

When will the engineering exam happen, if at all?

All January exams have now been cancelled and the school is awaiting guidance from OFQUAL to enable us to award exam results. 

Do you know if our mocks are still going ahead straight away when we come back to school?

When you return to school, we will be looking to have a number of weeks of face to face learning with your teachers. We then plan that you will complete your PPE’s that were originally scheduled for February. We will, of course let you know the dates when your return to school occurs and amend this plan as needed following advice on how grades should be awarded.

I do Health and Social Care and I was supposed to do my actual exam in February. Will I still be able to do it?

These exams have been cancelled currently and the school is awaiting guidance from OFQUAL to enable us to award exam results. 

Will our grades we got on our Mocks go up as our teachers influence our grades?

The work that you complete throughout year 11; including the remote learning content will have an impact on your final grade for your GCSE. The grades that are forecast are very much dependent on the quality of the work that you produce. These final grades can go up or down. 

Will our GCSEs not be going ahead and instead our grades decided by our teachers?

There are no summer exams taking place and school will be issuing Centre Assessed Grades. We are still awaiting guidance from OFQUAL as to how schools will need to issue these grades, but your teachers will follow the national guidance on how grades are awarded once we receive this. 

Do the grades affect sixth form?

The Sixth Form at Southam College are still undertaking their interviews (via Teams) and the entry criteria for 6thform will not change based upon centre assessed grade results. There is still time to apply for Sixth Form if you want to have this as an option

Why are we still doing the mock exams when we go back to school, when the point of cancelling the GCSEs and A-Levels was because we hadn’t had time to learn the content properly? 

The purpose of completing Mock exams when you return to school is to give the school the best possible criteria for issuing the grade that is truest to you as an individual. Teachers and staff will be using a significant amount of data including PPE results and Assessments to formulate a centre assessed grade. We are aware that lots of time has been missed as well as lots of content. Staff at Southam College want to issue a grade that are as accurate to you as an individual.  Your performance in any internal assessments is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability but will be taken in context of everything else we know about you.

What should we be revising right now as I didn’t think our upcoming PPEs covered all components of the subjects? Is there anything specific we should be revising?

It is wise to advise that you should be revising all content from all subjects in preparation for your PPE’s. We understand that we are in unprecedented times and the current learning environment is completely unique. You may wish to discuss with your class teachers what you should be revising as they will be in the best position to advise you. We will of course update you on any changes as the information is released nationally.

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