Year 10 Netball

Year 10 net a place in Final.
The Year 10 netball team competed against Myton this evening in a Semi Final.
The team started off the first quarter with pace which caught Myton off guard with some great feeds into the circle by Abbie Bourton and Ruby Irving seeing the girls take a 6-2 lead at quarter time. Myton shuffled their team around for the second quarter which saw a much more determined team take to the court. This unnerved Southam and saw the team make some unforced errors and by half time Myton had pulled back the score to 8-7. After a half time team talk Southam went back on court and began to play some good netball. Issy Bergandorff and Megan Free in defence kept the pressure on the Myton attack and made some great interceptions which saw Southam be able to turn the ball and move the ball down the court freely, the defence played a great part in the third quarter stopping Myton scoring any goals and increasing their lead to 14-7. The last quarter saw Southam build on their lead and with some great talking and team play and a great partnership between Rosie Dillon and Jess Carro in the circle saw Southam win 20-10.
Oppositions player – Rosie Dillon
Coaches player – Megan Free
Well played girls.
Proud of you as always.
Mrs Smith.

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