Year 10 Netball – Condover Report

The Year 10s knew the weekend was going to be a lot harder than previous tours as Condover has a reputation for playing a high standard of netball.   However this did not deter the girls and on Saturday they woke feeling motivated and determined.

The girls would be playing a round robin style league playing each other twice.

Their first game was Carlton 5.  The girls took a while to get themselves sorted with Carlton taking a good lead.  However with a change in the defences play GK Issy Bergendorff and GD Megan Free made some great interceptions and in the second half saw the girls start to pull back although losing 13-8.

With the first game out the way Year 10s knew they had to up their game for the second game against Lady Hawks. They did just this.  The game was a very physical game but the centre court made some good moves down the court and with the help of C Abi Bourton and WA Mary Stewart the girls were getting some great passes into the shooters.  They won this game 9-5.

The girls third game again was another closely fought battle and again very competitive.  The girls fought well and in the first half saw the score go goal for goal with GS Jess Carro and GA Rosie Dillon having to work exceptional hard in the circle for centre court to get the ball in, they did this well and in the first half did not miss a shot.  The second half again saw both teams having to work really hard but unfortunately in the last minute saw the opposition Futureprint turn a Southam centre resulting in a one goal loss 7-6.

Fourth game Southam took to the court with great attitude and the whole team played some fantastic netball with WD Charis Drain marking the ball well forcing her player to make errors.  This helped us turn the ball over on several occasions helping C Abbie Bourton and WA Holly Yates comfortably control the game.  The girls won this game 8-1.

The girls last game of the first round and they made play seem effortless from defence to attack. C Ruby Irving made some great runs down the court for the defence to be able to play to her and feed some great passes into the shooter resulting in a superb 12-1 win.

Our last game of the day would be our second game against Carlton.  With a slow start in their first game the girls knew they had to stay focused.  A shuffle around in the team saw Abbie Bourton moved into GD and a great game she had keeping the GA out of the play.  GA Rosie Dillon was flawless with some great movement in the attacking third being able to feed the ball well into GS Jess Carro who again was on fire with her shooting.  The girls played fantastically as a team and managed to beat Carlton on the turnaround 9-7.

With a goods nights sleep and an early start the girls again seemed motivated and determined for Day Two.

Their first game against Lady Hawks the girls had a slow start and at times made it difficult for themselves going into the second half 2 goals down.  The girls managed to change their play and started to make some great interceptions especially GD Megan Free and WD Charis Drain. Although a little scrappy at times the girls managed to claw back at the two goal deficit and win the game 6-5

Our second game was against Futureprint who we lost to by one goal on Saturday.  The girls started off really well and again the game was going goal to goal and at half time the score was even.  The girls continued to play some great netball but Futureprint stepped up a gear forcing us to make some silly errors and them turning the ball over.  The whole team continued to fight hard but unfortunately wasn’t to be our game losing 10-7.

The third game the girls dusted  themselves off from their previous loss and saw them take the court and play some good netball.  With the score being even at half time the girls took on board the advice given to them and with GA Rosie Dillon coming down court further  she helped the attack get the ball moving more freely into GS Jess Carro who was moving around the circle and losing her GK easily.  This resulted in the girls winning 6-3.

The final game and the girls knew if they won the game they would finish 3rd. The pressure they put on themselves could be seen in the first couple of minutes with them making some unforced errors and at half time it was a very low 1-1 draw. The girls were told to relax and enjoy themselves and this they did and in the second half they played some great team netball and moved the ball freely down the court seeing them win 4-1.

Player of the tournament – Rosie Dillon

As a coach I am not only proud of the girls for finishing 3rdbut I am extremely proud of how well they played.  As expected the standard was a lot higher than previous tours and the girls stepped up to the challenge and played very competitively.  They also listened and put into play the advice given to them not only by myself but the older girls who were very supportive.


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