Year 9 Rounders against Kenilworth

The year 9 team consisting of: A.Bourton, M.Free, K.Moore, R.Dillon, H.Yates, A.Reeves, I.Bergendorff, J.Carro, R.Irving and S.Swallow, played brilliantly against a strong Kenilworth team.

The first innings Southam batted first and some big hits from M.Free and R.Dillon got the score going, Kenilworth fielded well and minimised the Southam score line however, they finished with a good 4 and a half rounders. Kenilworth then batted and Southam fielded with positive attitudes and excellent team work. We worked hard to stop the score and Kenilworth then scored 4 and a half rounder – leaving the first innings at a draw.

The second innings saw Southam and Kenilworth battle it out again with Southam scoring 4 rounders when batting. When we fielded for a second time, the team worked excellently together with some outstanding bowling from H.Yates and backstopping from J.Carro. K.Moore had a fantastic near catch and stopped Kenilworth scoring a full rounder, whilst A.Bourton had a couple of great catches. With the team pushing hard until the last ball, Southam kept Kenilworth at 4 rounders, with the final score 8 and a half rounder each.

Overall a fantastic match from both teams. Good luck tonight for the tournament girls and well played.

Miss MacLachlan

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