Year 9 Rugby

Southam Y9 continue their impressive unbeaten run in October sunshine.
Alcester Grammar School 0 – 31 Southam
The Y9 Rugby team travelled to Alcester to play the highly rated Alcester Grammar School team and came away with a well deserved victory.
Messrs Houldey, Turner, Parkin-Neal and Willis played in their usual direct and abrasive style to tire out the opposition players. But it was the desire in defence to hunt the ball carrier, return back to feet amd compete at the breakdown, chase loose balls and exploit opposition mistakes that really stood out in the sunshine.
Scores from Parkin-Neal, Houldey and Turner were interspersed by outstanding team scores, eventually finished off by the very impressive Eric Stanley and Charlie Morrison.
An increased desire to carry hard at contact resulted in some fantastic line breaks by James Taylor, who along with Dion Tulloch evaded countless tackles when running with the ball in hand.
This group continue to improve, but there are still areas to work on as we continue on our path towards the National Cup in Year 10.
See you at training on Wednesday.
Mr. Lowdon

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