Year 8’s Rugby Round up

‘Austin Powers’ his way to success

Fairfax 0 Southam 50

On a hard attacking day Southam worked hard and fought with courage and commitment – an all-round team effort led by Austin Turner, the team deserves credit for their mix of offloads and rucking. Eden Wood was excellent in attack as was James Taylor. Rhys Bennet shows amazing intelligence and linked well with both forwards and Backs. Harry Latus was everywhere. Spencer Wadsworth was elusive as always.  Nick Goode and Charlie Morrison also got their first cap for the school.  It was however Dion Tulloch that shone as man of the match for his fantastic tackling.

Tournament Tornadoes:  Southam take no prisoners. 

Alcester Grammar  10 Southam 30

Kineton 0 Southam 30

Myton 0 southam 25

In a lovely day for Rugby at Stratford Rugby Club, The year 8 squad did not disappoint – a fantastic display of free flowing Rugby finished by Tom Parkin- Neal’s pace and power.  Archie Coates got the backs moving off well secured ball and the finishers did the rest. But the whole squad led by Austin Turner all deserve credit. In 15 minute games the lads worked hard. They showed the true spirit of Rugby going on to play for St Benedict’s and other sides when they had won their games. A great bunch of lads who keep improving. Jack Barley Morey and Jody Hollingsworth epitomise the courage of the team.

Man of The tournament went to Ethan Coulter as the most improved – well done.

Barbarian spirit of 73 shines at Southam 

Southam 55 Bilton 0

A title for older grandparents perhaps, but those fantastic tones of cliff Morgan in 1973 ( before I was born I might add), should have graced the sidline at Southam. Some fantastic attacking Rugby was played.

It sounds a  game that sounds one sided but Bilton tackled like absolute demons and were a credit to the game of Rugby – that just goes to show some of the match winning potential in this Southam  side. Nick Houldey deserves credit alongside hardworking Will Scott who showed great rucking and strength of mind as well as muscle.  The team did however loose ball in the ruck a few times for being late to the ball or spilling it in contact a few times. – an area for development. Presentation at the ruck however continues to be excellent and the off load game was superb at times- tries from TP- Neal, Nick Houldey, Rhys Bennet, and ERic Stanlety – ( a modern David Duckham)were highlights in the first half. Archie got the backs running onto the ball in thee second half and players were running off each others shoulders. Barbarian Rugby at times but just be careful boys – sometimes you have to suck players in and earn the right to go wide. Dylan Willis and James Taylor were given joint man of the match for their aggressive running and tackling as well as rucking. James was awarded the champagne moment for listening to what we talked about at half time and securing second phase ball for a well worked team try for Ethan Coulter. Harder challenges to come keep improving all of you. New caps for Jack Wilkinson and Matt Cartlidge – well done lads.

Mr Elkerton

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