Year 7 Rounders

Well done to the fantastic year 7 Rounder’s team who played brilliantly in the Mid-Warwickshire schools Rounder’s tournament. We had some outstanding performances from Holly, Rosie, Megan, Isobel, Ruby, Charis, Hannah, Sophie & Lucy. Megan was a lucky captain winning the toss 3 out of 4 times, we chose to field because we know that fielding is our strength. Rosie was as consistent as ever on 2nd base, Holly led from the middle as bowler, communicating with the team and making important decisions. She only bowled 5 no bowls all tournament!!!
Charis was solid again as backstop with some awesome throws to 2nd base. Isobel made a superb catch and worked well with Megan & Ruby in deep field. Our batting has improved especially Ruby, Isobel, Sophie & Holly. Ruby is fast around the posts and Holly was brave & used her backhand. We won 2 games & lost 2 games but the scores were very close.
What a great start year 7 & what a fantastic group of girls!!!
Its been an absolute pleasure & here’s to next season.
Mrs Mellor

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