British Values Home Learning

Over time our country is becoming increasingly multi-cultural, with people coming from many different countries. Often when people arrive from other countries they will bring their culture and traditions with them. Eventually these new cultures will start to influence the style and design of many products that we might use. Choose to carry out one of the tasks. 

Task 1 – You are to research a particular country to find out the main features of their cultures. This could include their food, art, clothes, traditions, religion, products they use.

Task 2 – You could then investigate how their culture has influenced and been incorporated into the design of products in our country. For example, in South Africa red is the colour of mourning. However, in China red symbolises good fortune. Trying to sell the same red product in those two countries would get a very different response. In Japan, traditionally people sit on the floor to eat the family meal. The design of dining furniture for Japan is very different to that in Europe. 


Task 3 – Research a range of iconic british designs or designers, show research about the products they are famous for designing in a technology area of your choice and create an educational leaflet/poster with your findings. 

You are to present this research on no more than two pages of A4 paper or you could make something associated with your research.

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