Year 7- Results for the final House Quiz

1st- Joint Houses- Whittle, Godiva and Shakespeare all with 27 points.
                                Team- Whittle Warriors- Matt, Will, Alex, Ben, Josh, Rhys, Ethan, Nick.
                                Team- Godiva The Bourbons!- Harry, Harry, Eden, Connor, Joe, Miles. Also Team- Ethan, Thomas, Hamish, Joe, Gethan.
                                Team Shakespeare- Kasey, Oscar, Austin, Archie and Leyton

2nd- Webb Ellis- Team Positivity Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! Maddy, Rosie, Molly, Izzy, Megan, Honey.

3rd- Joint Webb Ellis and Shakespeare
                              Team Tescos for Webb Ellis- Ben, Joe, Ben, Alex, Euan and Luke
                              Team Shakespeare- Purple Unicorns- Poppy, Rebecca, Katie and Heather

4th- Webb Ellis- Webb Ellis Monsters- Cohen, Ben, Nathaniel, Ryan

What a fabulous end to the House Quiz for 2016/2017. We were so impressed with the turn out for the last House Quiz. The gym was full of enthusiastic students on Wednesday who wanted to support their House and take part to earn HAPS and sweets! Well done to every student who turned up over all year groups and have taken part. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we have supporting and coming along to each event. Also, a big thank you to each of the Heads of House for also giving up several lunchtimes over the last 3 weeks in order for the House Quiz to run. Not only this, we particularly enjoyed seeing Tutors come along to support their Tutor groups. The House Quiz was a great success this year and we look forward to many other House events in the near future. 

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