A Win for the Year 7 Netball Team

Abbie Bourton, Rosie Dillon, Jess Carro, Charis Drain, Bailey Parry, Amelia Reeves, Ruby Irving, Olivia Renyolds, Maddie McKie & Harriet McKie

What a great start to the netball season!

Year 7 had a excellent first game against Campion, winning 7-3. Shooters Abbie and Jess Carro did not let me down and by three quarters through the game we were winning 6-0! Led by captain Rosie Dillon, the girls showed some awesome defending skills, with Bailey always marking her player and rarely letting the opposition get the ball into their goal third. Thank you to Olivia for never letting the team spirit drop with consistent cheering and encouragement. My player of the match goes to Jess Carro, for incredible shooting and attacking skills and being an all-round fantastic player!

Well done girls, cannot wait for the next match with such a superb team!

A big thank you to Aimée Brookes for coaching my team  Mrs Herbage

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