Junior Girls Cross Country Team

On Saturday the Junior Girls Cross Country Team made their way to the regional round of the English Schools Cross Country Cup up in Warrington. The whole 2 hour drive was torrential rain from Southam to the park.

The girls team had previously qualified for this event when they competed at Princethorpe College earlier last month. The team of a combination of year 7 and 8 girls consisted of Elspeth Unitt, Poppy Hilton, Ana Lovett, Emily Lovett, Issie Fairhurst and Sarah Costa. When we arrived we walked the course trying to identify the potentially slippery parts, however due to the large amount of rain fall the whole course was going to be extremely slippery. However as if it was planned the sun came out for the girls to start their warm up prior to the race.

The race itself was extremely competitive with all competitors having to have qualified from the initial round and this was noticeable from the start where the girls bustled for positions. As the girls completed the first lap the Southam college girls were all placed close together sitting in the top 60; with Emily leading the way just ahead of Elspeth; sitting in approximately 15th place.

As the girls came round for the final part of the second lap they were faced with the dreaded uphill finish. Elspeth powered on uphill overtaking a girl on the final stretch to finish in 9th place an excellent position especially when some of the girls were over a year older than her. Emily came home very closely behind her in 12th place, 13 places better than she did last year.

The rest of the team came in quick succession with Issie having a huge sprint finish to come home in 30th closely followed by Ana in 37th place. Sarah and Poppy completed the final lap in 48th and 49th respectively.

The girls did a fantastic job and finished the race extremely muddy but all with smiles on their faces which was brilliant.

I am extremely proud of you all, and thank you to all the parents who made the journey up to Warrington to support your daughters.

Miss Warman


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