Kindness Day

On Friday 11th November, Southam College is holding ‘Kindness Day’, highlighting the importance of consideration to others, compassion, respect and empathy to all. With our busy lives, kindness can often be taken for granted. Kindness day UK is nationally recognised on Sunday 13th November so we are holding our very own Kindness day on the Friday before. We believe that Character Education is vital and showing these strengths is very important, so Kindness day is about turning your suggestions into actions and for our students to participate in Acts of Kindness wherever possible. 

We need student support with the following

  • ‘Positive Post’ helpers.
  • Whole school ‘Community Clean up day’ leaders.
  • Sixth Form Students ‘Engage with the Aged’ events on Wednesday 9th November – Tithe House and Galanos House.
  • Remembrance Day, Galanos House- We would like 6 students for this event, led by Mrs Erroi.
  • Clothing Collection bank- supported by Miss Goody/Textiles.
  • Kindness Charity stalls- Did you put forward your charity idea to Mr Eadon/ HOH for the Southam charity for the year? We would like you to run a stall to promote your charity idea- students will then have the opportunity to vote.

Supported by Miss Lippert/Miss Dobson, Life Skills Department

We would like a team of student volunteers across all year groups to help spread positivity and involvement with Kindness day. We hope to see as many students and staff as possible getting involved with this whole school event. We look forward to meeting with volunteers this Wednesday.

=kindness day.jpg

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