Year 7 Rugby

A Turner Masterpiece!

Southam 30 Ashlawn 0

A classic display of forward play by Austin Turner ensured Southam had a flying start to the tournament. His strong running brought him a hat trick of tries, but it is his strength in the ruck and maul that are so priceless.
Dion Tulloch scored his first try for the school, taking his opportunity to burst through a tiny gap. There were further tries for the excellent Harry Latus and Tom Parkin Neal.

Taylor Measures Up!

Southam 20 Harris 0

James Taylor is started to get the measure of rugby. He superbly ripped the ball of opponents on several occasions before setting up a ruck to ensure quality possession for the team. His driving runs are becoming an increasing feature of games.
Nick Houldey scored another brace of tries. At full charge Nick is a daunting prospect to tackle! There were also fine tries for Spencer Wandsworth and Rhys Bennett. It was great to see more passing and teamwork in this tournament.

Wadsworth Proves His Worth!

Southam 30 Bilton 0

Spencer Wadsworth is proving to be a crucial component of this exciting team. His pace and elusive running brought him yet another try, but as Full Back his tackling is vital. One particular tackle stands out which helped ensure Southam did not concede a try all tournament!
Captain Archie Coats scored an amazing solo try by ripping the ball of an opponent before weaving through six despairing defenders! Tom Parkin Neal, Harry Latus, Rhys Bennett and Nick Houldey completed the scoring and another very successful evening!r1

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