Welcome to Southam College

thumbnail_FullSizeRenderWell as we come to the last week of your summer break, you will be preparing yourself to start your new career at Southam College. Don’t forget to buy a good writing pen, that will demonstrate your handwriting and support you in presenting your very best work.

Southam College aims to provide a balanced and stimulating environment for you to experience the very best of education, encourage you to be creative and intellectually curious, but most of all independent in your learning.
Many opportunities are on offer at Southam College to engage you in learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom. All we ask is that you get involved in this new experience and make things happen for you!

Be positive in being the best you can be, you are going to have a great time!

l look forward in meeting you all again (in the hall at 8:50) on Monday 5 th September 2016 for our welcome assembly.
Warmest regards
Mrs. Erroi, Head of Year 7

Note : The homework timetable and extra curricular activities schedule will be released in the first week of school.


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