Yr10 Work Experience 2020 (Cancelled):

Due to current circumstances Changing Education, the company we use to complete all of our work experience placement health and safety and risk assessment checks, have decided to cancel all work experience placements due to take place before September.
If any Yr10 students wish to explore the options available to them after Yr11 they can email Mr Hughes our careers adviser – hughes.a1@welearn365.com.  Alternatively we can arrange a careers interview once school reopens.
Mr Hughes (Careers adviser).

GCSE English Literature

As you will no doubt be aware, there will be no examinations this summer.  For us in Year 10 this means we will not be sitting GCSE English Literature examinations in May.

What we know currently is that exam boards will use a range of information to calculate grades.  We don’t yet know if this includes Y10 students who were set to take their exams or whether this is just for students in Y11 and Y13.  Once we have this information, we’ll ensure students and their parents are informed.


Even if they do accept Y10 entries for this summer and provide calculated grades, we still advise students in year 10 to continue with their English Literature work as they may wish to improve upon their calculated grade and sit the examinations at the earliest opportunity.


English Literature 

A reminder to all Year 10 students that your next Paper 1 PPE will be on Tuesday 31st March 2020. The paper will contain one question on Macbeth and a question based on your 19th Century Text. Remember to be utilising Wednesday lunch time revision in E2, your 16 week revision planner and Seneca Learning to support your revision leading up to your mock.