Year 9 Catering

Staff Member Mr Kelly, who also works as a Contract Caterer, was assisting in a Y9 Catering GCSE lesson & found himself demonstrating how to make dairy-free strawberry pancakes. The students then went on to make their own pancakes, with the traditional recipe.

Well done all. Miss Sinden.

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Year 9 Parents’ evening Science appointments

Please note that in the interests of fairness and logistics parents should book an appointment with one Science teacher who will be able to report on progress in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

Science teachers allocated to each group are as follows:

  • 9A1: Mrs Jones
  • 9A2: Mr Rist
  • 9A3: Ms Prosser
  • 9A4: Mrs Milsom
  • 9A5: Mrs Callan
  • 9B1: Mrs Holt
  • 9B2: Mr Barnes
  • 9B3: Mr Eltringham
  • 9B4: Mr Eltringham
  • 9B5: Mrs Ferguson

Uniform Donation

Every year an estimated 300,000 tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK.

Southam College are asking for your outgrown or used blazers, skirts or trousers so that we can ensure they are re-used and sell them at our pop-up uniform shop.

Please ensure donations are clean, and place them in the bins outside the library.
Thank you!

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Year 9 History students attending the WWI Battlefields trip –

A reminder that the parents’ meeting for this trip is on Tues 2nd July, at 6pm in the Core building.  Also, please be aware that the deadline to return paperwork is Monday 8th July – we will have spares at the meeting on Tuesday if needed!  We will be collecting passports and EHICs in September so families have these over the summer holiday.  Please feel free to contact me at school if you have any questions ahead of Tuesday 2nd July.  Many thanks, Mrs Gough.

Important Update for WCC Bus Travel

If your child travels on a bus service where the pass is issued by Warwickshire County Council you must provide a passport photo of your child to the transport team at WCC in order that they can use the bus service in September 2019.  All bus passes will have student photos on and students without the correct photo pass will be refused travel.  WCC want to thank all of the parents/carers that have already submitted child photos.  If you have not yet sent the required photo please do this promptly to ensure passes are available for travel in September.